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Everyone wants to be happy…

Some of us look for it in a bottle, a needle, or a pill. Milligram is a tale of love, revenge, and getting high in the underworld of prescription mills, high grade marijuana, and synthetic drugs. From the skyline of downtown Los Angeles to the murderous streets of Detroit and the trailer parks of Kentucky... now casting


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Los Angeles, CA

SAM:  On top of the world, Sam has everything and everyone wrapped around his finger, but he knows that it’s just not enough.  Sam lives life in the fast line, but sometimes he’s going too fast to keep up with. With a fierce sexual addiction, and a brain too smart for his situation, Sam becomes his own worst nightmare, not knowing how to get out of this constant rotation.

LENA:  A hungry actress, Lena is out to prove herself.  After meeting Sam and Slim, she has a hard time choosing between the two, but validating her lifestyle with her love for Sam.  Lena is more than she appears, with a cunning side, Lena has many tricks up her sleeve that surprise the people she surrounds herself with.  She’s willing to do anything to get ahead, and Sam is her ticket there.


Detroit, MI

SLIM:  Usually the smartest guy in the room and he knows it.  Slim is a low-time drug runner that desperately want to run an empire. Slim is too smart for his own good.  His hungry motivation and his sly ways lead him into a situation his ego might not be able to get out of.

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SHERIFF:  An alcoholic who’s good days have passed by.  He currently lives with his wife Becky who reminds him every day of his shortcomings.  Eager to get back on the saddle, the Sheriff will do whatever it takes to get his lucky break in the small town he lives in.

ROSE:  Prom queen in high school, Rose reached her peak then, and has been heading down ever since.  With no motivation to work or make it, Rose is comfortable where she is, hanging out with friends and partying, while utilizing her good looks and charm to get what she wants.